February 20, 2014

Step by Step

Some of you guys were curious about my workflow in general so here's a little "step by step" piece of one of my latest projects I'm working on right now for the Sunstorm Festival in Germany.

I have to admit that sometimes it really starts with me posing awkwardly in front of my MacBook webcam to get a reference before starting with the first rough sketch. When I'm satisfied with this sketch I'm always printing it in A3 to draw the final linework on top of it, using tracing paper and my beloved Pentel brush pen (and that's always my most favorite part of the action). After finishing and scanning the linework I'm always cleaning the outlines using Adobe Photoshop before tracing it in Adobe Illustrator, where I'm picking the final color palette and coloring it with my own custom brushes.

For the final finishing, I'm adding textures I've collected via Photoshop, giving the clean vector illustration a more "edgy" look and sometimes doing a final color correction overlay. Basically that's it! I hope this small description answers some of your questions but I'm still having to reply to a lot of emails from you guys. I'm giving my best to answer all of 'em soonish, ...I swear!

Thanks for supporting me and my artwork constantly and thanks for all the nice words and comments! I really appreciate it! – Cheers!

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