November 1, 2009


Dear shame nameless graffiti artist,

Thank you for spreading my artworks!
But please make sure to get closer to my original artwork! ...some people might doubt on my graffiti skills with such a result, right?
...and don't forget to tag each of my artworks with a small "MetaMephisto"!

Don't worry. You will improve your skills each time you rip an artwork.


A big thanks to my mate DDK for taking this picture! :)


german said...

QUALITY I really like this, Im not 1 for adding links in my replies but this reminds me of some similar stuff by graffiti artist “SER” at there are a few more good graffiti artists on the site called Graffiti Kings that graffiti bedrooms, night clubs & everything else lol.

Mike said...

muahahhaa, wasn opfer!!!

GOLD_fuZZy said...

Oh man, leute ja mal echt abgefahren xD Da kannste ja fast froh sein, dasser deinen Namen nich drunter geschrieben hat! ^^

MetaMephisto said...

höhöö, stimmt auch wieder! ;)

A better tomorrow said...

Lol Vollspamukkel! :-)