February 2, 2009

Blanket Magazine

The illustration "12 Masks cannot lie" I made as a tee design for a-better-tomorrow.com is in the current issue of Blanket Magazine, ISSUE 14 -THE BLUE ISSUE.

I think Blanket is one of the BEST online magazines out there!...so grab your own free magazine HERE!

About Blanket:
"Blanket is a free PDF online magazine that is aimed at uncovering art + design + photography from the talented people who create it.

The name blanket came from the simple idea that we wanted to ‘cover’ all the areas of art, design and photography and bring them together in one magazine.

At Blanket, we aim to inspire our readers through informative interviews, cheeky and humorous stories and, of course, beautiful art, design and photography." (blanketmagazine.com)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

das teil ist sehr geil! fettes style!